Register your 2018 I/O Extended event

How it works

This page will help you fill out the I/O Extended registration form by pre-populating it with your event's location information.

Steps to register your Extended event

  1. Create a PUBLIC rsvp page for your 2018 I/O Extended event.
  2. In the form below, search for the address of your event and select the result that best matches your location from the dropdown.
  3. Visually confirm the pin is at your event location. If it’s not correct, adjust the marker by dragging it to the correct location on the map. If Google Maps cannot find your location, double click the map and move the pin to the correct location.
  4. Once you're done, click “Go to registration form”. You'll be directed to the I/O Extended registration form with your location information pre-populated.
  5. Finish filling out the I/O Extended registration form. Agree to the terms & conditions at the bottom and click “Submit”.

Your event will be featured on the 2018 Extended map on the I/O website within a week of your submission.

First, tell us where your event is